Honza “HanZiáš” Kyncl was born in Jihlava, where he graduated from the local grammar school and street school of life at an amphitheater. In order to meet high standards in his family, he continued to study statistics and actuarial science at the University of Economics in Prague. Although not entirely convinced of the family saying that “money brings happiness,” he started to work for the PwC multinational audit corporation as an Process Auditor. He realized very quickly this is not the lucky way of life .

He spent the following three years in Jablonec nad Nisou in the beautiful surroundings of the Jizera Mountains. In order to have something to eat, he went to the local jewelery company Preciosa, where he worked as a marketing and business analyst. When the interesting work after three years became a stereotype, a period of first deep thought occurred.


He quit a job and and began a half year period of thinking about a new form of livelihood. Before he made something up, there was a serious spinal injury that tied him to the bed for 3 months and sucked his current account into negative numbers. There was enough time to think about life. And the main outcome of this dark age was the belief that formation of capitalism and materialism is not the meaning of life.

Further steps went to the ski resort Rokytnice nad Jizerou, where he rediscovered the love of the mountains and free heel skiing. During the winter, there were several offers for taking pictures from weddings, which turned his account balance into positive numbers again. But not enough to afford to pay rent. And so he moved into his van acquired in times of plenty. The handmade interior opened his eyes and he realized that working with wood is a very uplifting activity for him.

The first successful full-time photographic season took place. And in winter followed the return to Rokytnice. Here he lost his illusions about his life idol and embarked on his own lonely way in the style of “where the van and heart will take you”. Anchored in the Tatra Mountains on a wind mountain Chopok, where he met a bunch of beautiful people with similar fate and discovered new life perspective.

He also got a whole new look at the photo shoot and the clientele began to turn into a mixture of very interesting and inspiring people who created a great joy from his work (for which he would like to thank them). Since he still had itchy fingers, he made his first cajon and with him love for music and especially rhythm.

With the need to combine harmony and rhythm came the idea of buying a handpan. Music was once again given greater importance in his life, and other activities got clearer contours. Currently he sees the meaning of life in a suitable combination of hand and artistic creation and is excited about what the next fate will bring him.