Choosing a photographer? Wedding, family, sport, interior, product, portrait .. or simply photographer, who does not distinguish borders?
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Photography has always been fun for me, I am interested in it and I am pleased when I can benefit from years of experience. My specialty is taking pictures in more extreme conditions. I’m not afraid to take the camera on a climbing harness to heights, high snow-capped mountains, wild water etc.

I am constantly moving around the Czech Republic and Slovakia. I have a camper van, so I can go anywhere and adapt.

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WhatsApp: +420 722 704 612

Tel.: +421 944 338 222


Facebook: JK Photo – Jan Kyncl

Instagram: jkphoto.jankyncl


Residency: Dolní Cerekev 269, 588 45, Czech Republic

CZ business ID: 06144128