5 star review  Perfectly captured moments from our wedding day. Natural photos with an eye for detail. Delivered lined up and only selected best photos that make a great picture of our day. Absolute satisfaction with the natural shooting process and great results. Thanks Jára and Šárka

    Jaroslav Krajník Avatar Jaroslav Krajník

    5 star review  What wedding photographer? Only Honza! 😉 Can capture beautifully both the dynamics of situations and emotions. And that's what the wedding is about 🙂 Plus with a friendly and resourceful approach, which then in the photos will enhance the uniqueness of each wedding. Štěpán and Simča

    Simona Bořilová Avatar Simona Bořilová

    positive review  Honza we found thanks to his previous photos from the castle Úsobí. About 2 months before the wedding we met to clarify what we expect and we agreed on the motto “mainly cool” 🙂 On D-day Honza arrived on time, he moved naturally on the spot and fit perfectly with the wedding guests. The photos themselves are perfect, Honza managed to capture the atmosphere and it is incredible how good everything looks like 🙂 Definitely recommended!

    Michaela Čížková Avatar Michaela Čížková

    5 star review  Thank you for wonderful photos from our wedding. We really like how you managed to capture the atmosphere of the day and how unobtrusive and you approached the photo shoot with originality. Photos are exactly what we wanted and we will be happy to contact you again in the future.

    Pavla Hánová Avatar Pavla Hánová

    5 star review  Honza is a great professional in his field but also an incredibly positively charged person with whom it was a great pleasure to spend our day D. At our wedding we felt as if we were one friend with us, although we never before the wedding day have not seen. We are extremely satisfied with the resulting photos. Therefore, thank you again for being part of our big day. Anna and Tomas

    Anna Mastikova Avatar Anna Mastikova

    5 star review  I would also like to thank Honza for beautiful photos from our wedding day. My husband and I agreed that we do not want many načinčané machined photos, but mainly snapshots and capturing the atmosphere of our big day, and Honza just mastered it! After surprisingly fast processing time he sent a set of photos that accurately and truthfully captured the relaxed atmosphere of our wedding, I really appreciate it! After I arranged them in the photo book it was even more noticeable how sharp and quality they were, although I enlarged some up to 2A4, the book came out beautifully :-) :-) Of course we had a few "machined", and they came out very nicely. Moreover, although we saw Honza both for the first time, it seemed to me how we had a close friend :-) He had an unconventional idea for a common photo, (nowhere else I saw it so I prefer not to reveal his know-how), which everyone praises :-) us great satisfaction!

    Vendula Poledňáková Avatar Vendula Poledňáková

    5 star review  Honza as a wedding photographer I can highly recommend. What I like most is his ability to discreetly observe wedding guests and capture them in situations that are appealing to them - even though they see them for the first time in their lives. In addition to the photos of the bride and groom will also create a beautiful memory of who spent with you your day. In addition, they can play well with light, adding to the festive atmosphere.

    Gabriela Gaudlova Avatar Gabriela Gaudlova

    positive review  Thanks to Hanz, taking pictures of our wedding was one great WELL ODA The photos radiate joy and relaxed atmosphere. The arrangement with the photographer was great, great attitude (we did not even know about it during the ceremony 🙃), pairing at sunset was top 🔅 Photos are professional and we are extremely satisfied with them. Thank you so much for capturing our D-Day! 💍😍

    Nela Pavlíková Avatar Nela Pavlíková

    5 star review  Originally, I did not want any photographer at the wedding to be afraid that it would be such a wedding classic - in love, gorgeous poses, etc. Finally, I was glad that we chose Honza Kyncl. Without giving him a more precise assignment, he came up with fresh ideas and focused on capturing moments that make me laugh or amuse me today. Thanks Honza!

    Lukáš Svoboda Avatar Lukáš Svoboda

    positive review  Honza and I have known each other for a while, and we always liked his photos, so the choice for our wedding day was clear and we can definitely recommend it 🙂 Thanks to Honza's photographs we have a wonderful memory of our day, which has gone awfully, but because John has captured all the important moments and moments, we can remember what actually happened and you feel as if you were experiencing the whole day . 🙂

    Simona Kernerová Avatar Simona Kernerová

    5 star review  Honza has been recommended by my friends for our day D as a great photographer. They knew why 🙂 Honza is a relaxed, casual and totally pro who squeezed the best out of us. It shines with ideas, can organize everything around it, but at the same time it fits perfectly in the way that people don't even mention someone taking pictures. And the result is worth it! Honza managed to capture the emotions and details that escaped ordinary eyes. Thanks for the amazing work!

    Barbora Pavlousková Avatar Barbora Pavlousková

    positive review  Mr. photographer with great attention to detail. A sharp eye for beautiful moments and moments. A person worthy of the title Photographer. Satisfaction, professionalism, openness. You will be satisfied 🙂, even more than that.!

    Jířa Strnad Doby Avatar Jířa Strnad Doby

    5 star review  Honza has an unmistakable manuscript and subtlety for an interesting composition.

    Daniel Šťastný Avatar Daniel Šťastný

    5 star review  Great work!

    Karel Vrba Avatar Karel Vrba

    positive review  We would like to thank Hanz for a great capture of our wedding day. For his active approach, trouble-free agreement and willingness. We have great photos and we do not like taking pictures - smekám :)) definitely recommend!

    Veronika Vodičková Avatar Veronika Vodičková

    5 star review  437/5000 When I was looking for a wedding photographer, I was looking for someone to take great pictures. And since I had known Honza for a few years, I knew he could do it. And again he convinced us that good money can be played luxury music. And even though the heat has taken its toll, we and all grandmothers and grandfathers can look back at his photos. When someone asks me for a photographer, I know who to recommend them to. Thanks to Honya 😉

    Vojta Urbánek Avatar Vojta Urbánek

    5 star review  Thank you for great babies photos! we were pleasantly surprised at what we could take a while. The baby was excited about Honza 😉

    Beata Čiberová Avatar Beata Čiberová

    5 star review  I've been admiring the photos on this page for a long time, so when we started planning the wedding, the photographer's choice was a clear thing. Despite my high expectations, I was not disappointed. The snapshots perfectly reflect the relaxed atmosphere of the day, moreover I was very pleasantly surprised by the absolutely original ideas of the photographer and his game with interesting lighting. Certainly it was no machined photos what many weddings like over the copier. I didn't miss anything in the selection of photos. I also appreciate the relaxed approach of the photographer and his independence, which allowed me to enjoy my day. In a word - I recommend! 🙂

    Radka Scheirichova Avatar Radka Scheirichova

    5 star review  Hanz is my long-time friend and I know his work from before, so I did not hesitate to choose a wedding photographer and I definitely do not regret it. Photos are beautiful and sharp. Honza is willing to take pictures of any crap you can think of. He climbed into the stream with us, gathered blueberries, etc. Classic photos for his grandmothers, but he also knows 🙂 Not only his friends, who also know him, were enthusiastic about his attitude and willingness. So if you like the work you see here on the site, there is definitely nothing to think about. Thanks, Hanz

    Jitka Majdič Avatar Jitka Majdič

    positive review  449/5000 We chose Honza based on Eliska's recommendation for our autumn Czech-Vietnam wedding for 200 people in September in Czech Switzerland. We met in person before, where we were talking about our ideas. We liked: * Fast communication * Willingness and helpfulness * He was with us from 7 am at the early Vietnamese ceremony until late at the party * high quality professional photos * beautiful photos in nature - on the rocks, in the forest * great collaboration with cameraman Pepa

    Ymy Vu Cerna Avatar Ymy Vu Cerna