I intentionally do not state a fixed price list or a fixed hourly rate here. Every photo shoot is unique for me and I want to approach clients completely individually.

This is especially true for weddings. When possible, I like to go to the place the day before. I will look at what the location offers and get a clear idea of the lighting and composition conditions. I will also agree on everything in peace. Since the morning, it is usually quite a rush and I try to bother all participants as little as possible and just take pictures.

Likewise, I do not oppose the idea of pre-wedding photography of the couple. Overall, it will relieve any nervousness from the photo shoot and the newlyweds will not get lost on the wedding day for a long time, but only for a few quick photos together.

I leave the number of edited photos in the package to the client and adjust the intensity of post-production accordingly. Some want 50 fine-tuned photos, others 400 documentaries.

Subsequently, I will be happy to help with high-quality printing of photos in large formats or with the creation of a photo book or calendar with my own design, such as HERE.


I think in a similar way about other types of orders, such as photographing families, children, portraits or interiors and houses .. I always prepare thoroughly with regard to the light, I am in no hurry and I try to create a relaxed atmosphere.

It is always possible to agree on some time adjustments in the length of the photo shoot or the number of photos and thus significantly affect the overall price. I do not resist paying in exchange or in return. It wouldn’t be the first time I exchanged my photo shoot for a quality handmade product, a permaculture course or just a good feeling and a smile 🙂 You never know what we have in common and how we can help each other .. 🙂

My favorite is a personal meeting where you can discuss everything in peace. But it’s not always real because of the distance. Then of course we can use conveniences such as a phone 🙂